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Roller Conveyors

We have the right roller conveyor for different applications in order to design your production process.
Due to our specialisation in the area of general conveyor technology, we design individual solutions for your production automation.
From different drive types, such as chain, toothed belt, flat belt, line shaft as well as different roller surfaces made of steel, plastic, rubberized rollers and special rollers, we will assemble the appropriate roller conveyor for you. Whether in combination with alternative conveyor technology or in connection to existing machines - You provide the requirements and we provide the solution. Using our roller conveyors you will be able to transport the most varied of loads and stack sizes automatically to the desired position. We tailor conveyor technology to your production and manufacturing process.

Contact Person

Norbert Horstkemper

partner and
managing director

Phone : +49 2944 9702 0

Detlef Meier

technical sales

Phone : +49 2944 9702 22