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Interlinkage of Plants

Besides customer individual requirements, we plan and deliver custom-made, reliable, integrated system solutions. From small series to large batch production, we offer fully automatic linkage of processes with flexible transport systems and suitable control and visualization elements. With such, parts traceability, process analysis and smooth product changes may be implemented controlled and visual.
Through planning and integration of efficient solutions for conveying, feeding, buffering, separating, actioning, or labelling, we are able to streamline your production or assembly process. Every project we implement, from the first concepts to carrying out maintenance after installation, we not only provide experience but also draw on the high qualification and commitment of our staff. Regular exchange of experience and further training of the members of our staff will continue to put the instruments in our hand to ensure success in the future.

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Norbert Horstkemper

partner and
managing director

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Detlef Meier

technical sales

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