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Stacking Systems

In blank cutting systems targeted stacking of the blank cuts is of the essence. Stacking capacities of 30 lifts/min. and more are often achieved. HORTSKEMPER supplies appropriate stacking equipment for the so-called "Blanking Lines". Existing lines in particular are often equipped with an additional side stacker to separately collect medium to large blank cuts such as window and side cut-outs.

By means of adaptable side stackers at the blank cutting machine, blank cut-outs can be taken directly from the tool and stacked in a specific manner. The conveyor lines may be set up fully automatically and also adapt automatically to the increasing stack level during stacking.

Stacker trolleys feature 2 stacking areas, so that the stacking process may be carried out with little interruption when changing stacking places. Basically, side stackers are mobile and may be decoupled from the blank cutting machine for tool change as well as in regular cutting and stacking operation.