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Transfer Systems

In the area of press automation HOSTKEMPER supplies 3D-transfer systems for different transfer presses. The range of mechanization extends from servo-mechanical transfer presses to conventional large part progressive presses with multipoint press rams. All transfer systems are equipped with fully electronically controlled servo axes and can easily be synchronised with the press drive via a virtual cam within the master control system.

The number of servo axes in the transfer systems, depending on the application and the level of freedom required, ranges from 6 to 12. Besides the output capacity of a maximum of 30 strokes per minute, depending on the press size, number of tool operations and workpiece size, HORSTKEMPER transfer systems has standard equipment features such as fully automatic transfer bar change.

3D-transfer systems may easily be combined with destackers and coil lines, so that ProgDie-operation, besides mere transfer operation, is possible. Especially within a retrofit of existing transfer presses, we would be more than happy to design a tailor-made solution for an efficient transfer system.

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managing director

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project management

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