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Feeder Systems - 9///Press///FEED///Eco

The new press feeder 9///Press///FEED///Eco has been specifically developed for tandem press lines of size no 1 and 2 and is the perfect symbiosis of an efficient interpress automation and moderate investment costs. The patent pending feeder system 9///Press///FEED///Eco is particularly efficient within mechanical press lines that may be controlled by an electronic master shaft. It is possible to connect both servo-mechanical and conventional mechanically driven presses to the feeder system. Even high-performance hydraulic press lines may be linked by the 9///Press///FEED///Eco and benefit from its advantages. Compared to robotic interlinkage with its special characteristics in terms of motion sequence and space requirements, the new feeder system offers fast and controllable kinematics due to the clearly structured arrangement of axes.

HORSTKEMPER has developed the new feeder system on the condition that no alignment drives enter the tool room. This allowed for a flat design of the X-axis, which in turn requires little space inside the tool. The problem of transmission of the alignment kinematics was solved by a smart combination of transmission elements. Besides the minimal overall height of the transfer and orientation axes, the weight force of the drive units remains at an optimum ratio to the vertical axis at all times. This allows for acceleration in the X-axis, and therefore in throughput direction of the press, of 25m/s².

Component transfer always takes place on a straight line between 2 presses without the need to compensate for rotational movements and the lateral offset as well as centrifugal forces associated with it. The A-axis is of particular importance as it enables the presses to be loaded and unloaded with a laterally tilted workpiece.

9///Press///FEED///Eco by HORSTKEMPER is the perfect press interlinkage for all users who need a highly efficient feeder system as an automation solution. Due to user-friendly handling, the feeder system is also very economical for small batch sizes and medium quantities.

The feeder system includes levels of freedom in 7 axes and is designed for a capacity of 14 strokes per minute with a load capacity of 100 kg for workpiece and tooling. Centre-to-centre distances of 5,500 - 10,000 mm for presses may be individually automated with the feeder system. Part and parcel of the very versatile 9///Press///FEED///Eco is the fully automatic tooling change and the alternating placement of workpieces on several outfeed belts in the End of Line area.

If you require more information on technical parameters of the feeder system 9///Press///FEED///Eco we will are more than happy to provide such on request.

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