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On-floor Storage

Our on-floor storage systems feature intelligent and effective panel storage for any industry.

On-floor storage systems are used to store plate-shaped workpieces of different materials and sizes. Our on-floor storage system provides the basis for process-optimised feeding for different production machines.

HORSTKEMPER on-floor storage systems: That is high-performance storage and retrieval, great adaptability to format and stack height and careful material movement. In addition, optimum utilization of space and flexible management of remnants is achieved in a on-floor storage system. 

With our on-floor storage management systems you will meet increased requirements of a modern and flexible flow of goods.
Due to fast access there are no waiting times at downstream machines such ensuring continuous workflow. In addition, automatic operation of the on-floor storage system also reduces personnel costs.

Storing - transferring - retrieving - storing remnants again. For further information about our stacker cranes please see the "Handling" section.

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