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Stacker Cranes

Stacker cranes are used for intralogistic transport tasks and fully automatic storage and retrieval, as well as picking packaged goods. In connection with our warehouse management systems, they meet increased requirements of a modern and fast flow of goods.Via a warehouse management software interface, corresponding transport orders may be sent to the stacker crane and requested goods are provided.

Orders are pre-picked and stacked. For this purpose, the suction beam takes a protective plate and assembles a stack in reverse production order on the trailing stacking beam. This production stack is then placed on the conveyor system provided for this purpose at the time of the request and forwarded to the subsequent process.Protective plates to be returned and/or plate remnants are picked up again by the stacker crane and stored in the space allocated to them.

Application examples:

  • fully-automated order picking of half format plates, with integrated remnant return
  • commissioning of furniture fronts before cutting and edging machines
  • storage and retrieval of individual plastic sheets with corresponding batch tracking
  • small parts storage with KLT box
  • long goods storage

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