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Turning and Alignment Stations

Within a press line, depending on the drawing press, it is necessary to turn moulded components within the first press gap in order to prepare them for the next pressing stage. This is especially true for units with double feeders within the intermediate press spaces. Both turner and the turner-ratio, which are able to perform an additional stroke in throughput direction of the press line, are important automation units in the overall process of a press line.

Turning stations are usually equipped with two independent servo axes so that blanks may be turned by 180°. In addition, automatic width adjustment of the turning clamps is standard just as the extraction of the eintire turning station from the press gap during a tool change.

In subsequent intermediate press spaces after press no. 2 alignment stations with up to 4 servo axes are positioned. As soon as the workpiece is placed on the tooling of the alignment station by the discharge feeder of a press it is aligned and made available to the loading feeder for the next tool procedure. In combination with a double feeder automation system, turning and alignment stations by HORSTKEMPER constitute a highly functional mechanization solution featuring process reliability combined with excellent availability.

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