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Hot forming | Press hardening

Hot forming | Press hardening produces blanks of high-strength steels for safety-relevant structural parts in vehicles, which have improved crash properties with "thinner" material (thickness) and lower weight.
In order to permit forming of these specific materials, it is necessary to heat blank cuts to approx. 950°C before such are fed into the press. Since the 1990s HORSTKEMPER, as a competent partner, has been tasked in the automation process for handling hot blanks.

From the start of hot forming | press hardening HORSTKEMPER has supported handling of hot blanks. Special attention is paid to the centring of blanks coming out of the furnace. HORSTKEMPER centring stations are characterized by their durability in harsh production environments. 

HORSTKEMPER also supplies highly dynamic press loading- and unloading systems from modular feeder and transfer systems. By using transfer systems and systematic synchronization between press and automation, it is possible to optimally realize the shortest changeover times for parts within the tool. In addition to handling hot blanks, destackers and automatic stacking systems for the finished parts complete the product range at the End of Line of a press hardening line.

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