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End of Line Systems (EoL)

At the outlet of a press line the finished parts are transported by outfeed belts to be stacked in respective stacking racks. This is effected by the removal feeder of the last press stage, which places the part either on an outfeed conveyor or a shuttle system. Manual stacking of workpieces in stacking racks, means the manual removal from the outfeed conveyor and stacking by staff.

In addition to conventional outfeed belts by HORSTKEMPER, we also offer automatic robotic stacking systems. These systems are individually tailored to customer needs. Here robots either remove parts from the shuttle system correctly aligned or detect the workpiece position on the outfeed conveyors via a camera-based system. The robot undertakes the necessary alignment during transport to the stacking rack. Stacking robots are standardly equipped with an automatic tool change system, so that there is no need for any time-consuming manual set-up during a tool change.

In addition to fully automatic stacking processes, we develop each systems layout based on available space and use simulations to work out the best solution for our customer. In this context we also consider logistics and container management in order to be able to supply an automatic stacking system with a sufficient number of stacking racks within cycle time, and to ensure that full containers are removed.

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